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We would all like to work a little smarter and faster. Here are simple 10 life hacks designed to increase your productivity.

1 – Keep a running list of everything you’re waiting on. Clearing those items out of your head will give you more mental space to focus on other things.

2 – There are a range of productivity tools that can help you keep track of what you should be doing and when. Apps like Evernote go a step further and allow you to store voice and text attachments, share files with others, record voice notes and other features that enable you to complete your work on the go.

3 – If you’re going to have a task list, why not gamify it? Carrot is a snarky to-do-list app that doles out points and praise for completed tasks and biting wit for uncompleted ones.

4 – Organize your work space. Purge anything you don’t need. Create individual folders for clients and a collective folder with sub-dividers for prospective clients.

5 – Tidy up your desktop. A jumble of shortcuts and desktop folders will cost you valuable time to navigate. Ensure all your shortcuts are pinned to your taskbar so they’re not using up valuable space. You can create customised icons if you want some folders to stand out.

6 – Batch similar tasks at the start of each day. You can complete phone calls in one block of time, reply to emails in another, and carry out errands in a third.

7 – Use a planning app to break large projects into smaller, manageable chunks. An app like Asana lets you communicate with a team without using email so items won’t pile up in your inbox.

8 – Keep your notes and ideas in one place with Google Keep. The app will automatically transcribe voice memos, you can tag and colour code photographs, notes, and other items so they’re easily searchable. It also features location-based reminders so your note about buying stamps won’t pop up until you’re near the post office.

9 – Use Dropbox to access your files from anywhere. It’s like travelling with a filing cabinet.

10 – Are you getting enough sleep? Nothing dims your productivity like an exhausted mind. Use a sleep tracking app like Sleep Cycle to monitor the length and quality of your sleep.

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