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12 Facebook Tips

1. Jazz up your cover picture.

2. Ask the right questions.  For example: “How old were you when you bought your first home?”

3. Tag friends, pages, and places.  It pulls people to your content.

4. Understand the power of Facebook search. Test this by inserting the quote, “moving to Toronto.”

5. Start a Facebook group.

6. Understand the difference between a friend and a subscriber.  Turn “subscribe” on.

7. Create an interest list.  For example: put the best sports teams, businesses and more on a list (include yourself).

8.  Reach out to the new “likes” on your Facebook page.  Send them a private message to thank them for liking it.

9.  Utilize Facebook Apps.  Chris recommends building them in Shortstack for free.

10. Add the Facebook registration box to your website.

11. Learn how to promote posts on your business page.

12.  Run the right kind of Facebook ads.  You can drill down and target them very specifically.

Thanks Chris for these great tips at Agent Reboot Toronto!

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Source: via OREA on Pinterest

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