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2013 College Blogs Recap


Once in a while, it’s okay to toot one’s own horn – it’s good for morale and bolsters self-confidence. So, here goes – in 2013, the College posted a total of 51 blogs (one per week, statutory holidays excepted). Overall, these blogs have been generally well received – garnering a total of 696 likes from our Facebook fans and 452 tweets from our Twitter followers. The number of views for each of the posts is even higher.

Now, the numbers may not appear to be astronomical, but they mean a lot to us. They mean that our vision of informing, educating, and engaging students, registrants, and other stakeholders is coming to fruition. For this, we thank you.

We will continue to connect with you and provide you with current and pertinent information about the College, discuss issues that matter to you, and engage you in dialogue.

Top 10 2013 Blog

In case you missed our 2013 blogs, here is our top 10 list, which includes a brief synopsis of the content and link to the complete blog.

Recap: Why Hire a REALTOR®

35 typical actions and research steps (an abridged list) needed to successfully conclude a residential real estate transaction; demonstrates that buying and selling real estate is complex and time-consuming, and the importance of hiring a professional REALTOR®

Heads Up: 2014 Standard Forms

New and revised 2014 OREA standard forms

The REALTOR® Brand: It Matters A Lot

Professionalism means not only meeting basic requirements and competency, but a commitment to being exceptional, which includes practising informed decision-making, engaging in self-directed and life-long learning

Recap: OREA Standard Forms and Clauses 2013

New and revised 2013 OREA standard forms and clauses

Be Careful What You Delegate to Unregistered Assistants

Activities, as defined in the legislation, that cannot be delegated to unregistered assistants (i.e., individuals not registered with the Real Estate Council of Ontario) – for example, participating in open houses, property showings, or home inspections

Recap: Duties to Clients and Customers

The difference between clients and customers and the duties of care a brokerage and its representatives owe to each; as set out in REBBA 2002, the level of obligation is different; the duty of care owed to clients is significantly greater

Is a REALTOR® a Professional?

Is a REALTOR® a professional depends on your expectations

Answering the Tough Questions

Answers to common questions asked at the College Career Nights (e.g., How much money will I make? How do I choose the right brokerage to work for?)

Everything You Should Know About Condos

Online continuing education course entitled Condominiums: What Every Good Salesperson Should Know

Preparing For Your First Day

A list of questions to ask a brokerage on your first day at work


What other topics would you like us to cover? Let us know.

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