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4 Tech tools you should know about

Infogram is a link shortener similar to Bitly. However, it can be used more strategically as it enables you to share articles while driving traffic back to your own site.

Every time you share a page using the app adds a ‘call to action’ at the bottom of the destination page directing the reader to a selected page on your website. This means while you’re sharing valuable content and cultivating relationships with other content creators, you’re also self-promoting. Win: win.

A basic account is free so you can try before you buy. The basic account gives you access to analytics and 1000 clicks a month. The paid business accounts offer more control over customisation of buttons, logo, etc.

When it comes to real estate people love data. The only thing better than copious data is data presented in an appealing, comprehensible style. Enter, a free web application that takes your spreadsheets and csv files and hands you back beautiful, interactive infographs.

You don’t need to be a visual artist or technologically-gifted to enable this transformation. All you need is the data you want to share. The site lets you pick a template, theme, chart type, and interactive element (ie a zoomable map), then lets you shape it all with a WYSIWYG editor. You can share the resulting infograph on social media or embed it on your own site.

The free account allows you 10 infographics and 10 uploaded images. If you like what you see you can opt for the paid-for Pro account, Business account or Enterprise account.



GoConnect aims to simplify the life of a real estate agent by organizing their tasks, business events and contacts in one portable toolbox. The app was designed, built, and tested by real estate agents, this is apparent in features like the deal-related workflow which functions based on four business events: new listings, buyer under contract, sold listings and post-closing. Agents can also add every person relevant to a deal as a contact in the app and contact them easily by phone, text or email.

The app was built for the busy Realtor®, the design tries to be as simple and efficient as possible. It was also created as a mobile-first application so displays optimally on mobile phones.

For the last few years it has only been available for iPhones but an android version was released this year.



Nimble is a contact management system that helps you understand and communicate with your contacts more efficiently. The app will not only remember your complete history with a person ie email conversations and actions taken, it will also populate a contact profile for the person with additional details it pulls from data available in the public domain online. With only a name and email address Nimble can analyse your contact’s social media activities across a range of platforms helping you to determine which messages your contact will be most receptive to ie are they buying, selling, renting, happily settled but looking for a friend?

The app uses an intricate set of links between backdoor data and front-facing social media to create instant profiles that you can see in the app simply by hovering over a contact name with your cursor.

The additional data Nimble pulls can make it easier to maintain a relationship with contacts. Your fuller contact profile will indicate when to send a card for a birthday or offer congratulations on a new job.

The software plugs directly into your browser and is easy to navigate. The simplicity of use belies the complicated tasks the app carries out off screen

Users can try a 14-day trial to see how well it suits their needs.

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