5 Simple Website Improvements


Your REALTOR® website is your shop window. If it looks dated or haphazard, nobody is going to walk in. And if they do walk in and find chaos, they’re going to dash back out in a hurry. Here are five simple changes you can make to your website that will improve the experience for visitors.

Use quality pictures

The online world is very visual and nothing makes you look like an amateur quicker than stretched photographs, or images that have been enlarged until they look pixelated and grainy. Real estate lends itself to beautiful imagery, it’s why viewers are addicted to channels like HGTV. Leverage that advantage and seduce visitors with some striking images.

Buy your domain looks miles better than The first option will cost you a few dollars while the second is free, but it’s shorter (this easier to remember), snappier and will give your website that professional polish.

Contact me

Put your contact details somewhere prominent, don’t make visitors have to search. It’s an accepted practice to put an About Me or Contact Me page option in the top menu, so visitors are likely to look there first. Or you can put your details in the banner at the end of the page. If you have other social media accounts place those in a prominent place too. You want to be as easily contactable as possible.

Embed video

Search engines love video and just by embedding some you can haul yourself several rungs up the search list. Whether it’s video of neighbourhoods your regularly work in, or a tour of a house, or even you speaking to camera explaining what a great job you’re going to do, load it up on YouTube and embed it somewhere visible.

Play to your strengths

If websites are foreign territory for you, keep it simple and use something off the shelf. is a free blogging platform with a wide range of attractive themes that are very user-friendly for the web-novice. is a half-way house between a free site and bespoke personal service. You can choose the package that works for you.

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