5 tips for sending effective emails


Do you have a mailing list of past, current and potential clients? Here are five tips for making the most of each email opportunity.

Keep it short

Research shows the average email recipient will spend 15-20 seconds on your email. There’s no point writing yards of content. Keep it short and sweet.

Be consistent

Send your email out consistently. Say, the first Monday of the month, or something similar. Being consistent helps to build your brand. Your readers will:

  • come to expect that missive in their inboxes
  • accept you as a trusted voice on real estate matters
  • assume that same reliability and level of professionalism permeates all areas of your work

Use effective subject lines

We all scan our inboxes to decide which emails are worth opening. Keep your subject line short so it doesn’t get cut off. Avoid sensationalist phrases like ‘free quote’, ‘great offer’, ‘incredible deal’ etc as they’ll send your email straight to the junk folder.

Write compelling subject lines by:

Asking a question – Ontario mortgage rules set to change?

Telling a joke – Who needs room to swing a cat, anyway?

Making an announcement – More home upgrades qualify for Ontario rebates

Using a list – 5 things every home buyer should know

Giving a command – Join me at this open house next week

Be aware of CASL

Canada’s anti-spam legislation came into effect in July 2014. The new(ish) legislation means recipients must opt into receiving emails from you. And, you must offer an unsubscribe option in every email and process unsubscribes within 10 days. Read up on your full rights and responsibilities.

Include a call to action

Maybe your reader wants to get in touch after reading your email. Make it easy for them.

  • Click here to send me a question
  • Find out more
  • Get your house valued today
  • Forward this email to a friend

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