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5 ways to use video in real estate


Video is like an adrenaline shot when it comes to online content. It ranks higher in search engine results than text or audio and can boost a website’s ranking much quicker than mere SEO.

How can you best employ video in your real estate work? Here are five suggestions with video examples.


1. Make a lifestyle marketing video.

Yes, you need a significant budget to put together a polished film, and yes, the property you’re selling needs to be exclusive enough to justify the cost, but nothing sells a property more effectively than selling the buyer a lifestyle along with it.


2. Introduce yourself

Create a video for your website that introduces you to your clients. It’s the perfect opportunity to brand yourself and make clear why you’re a better choice than the competition.


3. Walk potential buyers through your listed property

If you’re comfortable in front of the camera then do your sales pitch to camera. YouTube is the world’s largest search engine after Google, in 2013 it had 1 billion unique users a month. Imagine how many of those users live in Ontario. Seize the opportunity to tap into a huge audience.


4. Emphasize the features

If you’re not a TV natural then help your seller stage their property and shoot a video walk-through that emphasizes the property features.


5. Use 3D models

You don’t have to wait until a property is built to start showing it off. Visual effects companies can make digital representations of unbuilt properties based on architectural and interior designs then simulate a camera fly-through.

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