7 questions that lead boards to better decisions


One of the challenges that we see boards of directors struggle with is how to reach a consensus decision. As board members share their perspectives and insights, discussions can get bogged down in unimportant details or get derailed by one member’s personal agenda. To avoid these pitfalls try discussing these Group Decision Making Questions as you deliberate. They will keep you on track and focused on the board’s fiduciary responsibilities leading you to better decisions for your members.

1) What are the objectives for making this decision – what do we hope to achieve?

2) How does the decision help advance the purpose of the association?

3) Which strategic goal(s) does the decision help achieve?

4) Does the decision serve the fiduciary responsibilities of the board?

5) What risk is associated with this decision and can it be mitigated?

6) What is the risk of not making this decision?

7) How will success be measured?

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