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7 Things you should know about Blab


The new livestreaming application, Blab, is stirring up conversation. It’s still in the testing phase but available for a trial run by any interested parties. Those who’ve already tried the app have given it a resounding thumbs up. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Blab is a livestreaming platform. Four participants can chat on a split video screen in real time. The application allows viewers to watch the discussion and leave comments. If one of the four seats becomes vacant a viewer can request to join.

2. Blab is more sociable than its fellow livestreaming apps, Periscope and Meerkat. While the other apps allow a single broadcaster to stream content to many users, Blab allows four users to stream simultaneously from four different locations. Blab is also more interactive than chat rivals Google Hangout and Skype Group Video Call as it enables viewer comments too.

3. You can record a Blab discussion and embed it in a blog post or simply save it for later review .

4. You can start a blab immediately or schedule one for a future date. This makes it possible to use the app spontaneously or to build a big event around a scheduled date.

5. Other uses for Realtors® could include interviews, fielding questions from potential clients as part of a community event, partnering up with other Realtors® and sharing expert advice, or even as an alternative to an internal conference call.

6. Users log in to the app using their Twitter passwords so it’s easy to access and easy to share.

7. Blab launched in April this year and is still in the testing phase. However, you can access the app by visiting on a desktop or for the mobile application.

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