7 ways to use Instagram for real estate

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A study at the start of this year showed Instagram is the fastest-growing social network. That’s no surprise since the internet loves images and Instagram is all about sharing pictures on mobile devices. The only surprise is that more real estate professionals aren’t on there. Here are 7 ways to make Instagram work for you.

  1. Share photos of your listed properties

It’s the perfect way to attract potential buyers.

  1. Hashtags – be searchable

The ‘Explore’ feature in Instagram allows users to search by user, or hashtag. This is where you’ll find new followers and potential clients. Add relevant hashtags to your photos to make them easily searchable.

  1. Take followers behind the scenes

Real estate is interesting to people – just look at the success of HGTV – people want to know how REALTORS® work. Show them how you put together a listing or prepare for an open house or break the good news to a new buyer. You can also show what you do outside the office, ie the charities you’re involved in, sports you like to play. Remember, you’re building a brand so be intentional.

  1. Video tours

There are numerous ways to record video tours but for those with very short attention spans, Instagram is Shangri-La. You can share up to 15 seconds of video by simply pressing and holding the record button, then lifting your finger to stop. You can also upload previously recorded video from your phone. Be creative about it. Take close-ups of unique details in a property or follow the family dog from one room to the next for a bit of action.

  1. Flaunt your knowledge of the local area

You can use the ‘Photo Map’ feature in the app to showcase where you’ve taken your photos. Snap pictures at festivals, events, popular eateries, show potential clients what it’s like to live, breathe and love your neighbourhood.

  1. Use the complimentary apps

There are a ton of apps to make your Instagram life easier.

Flipagram lets you create short videos and set them to music. You can build a slideshow of your listed properties in minutes. Pic Stitch is perfect for photo collages. Why not ‘stitch’ together photos of different rooms in a new listing?

  1. Share across your platforms

Facebook bought Instagram for a bazillion dollars not so long ago. The upside for you is cross-posting from platform to platform is super easy, and any pictures you post on Facebook will remain in the news feed longer than those from other platforms.

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