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9 Things you should know about Periscope


Live video streaming is the latest handy, online tool and Twitter’s Periscope app is outstripping the competition by a mile. Here are 9 things you should know about the app.

1. Periscope works through Twitter so you’ll need a Twitter account to join the party.

2. Although Periscope streams live video, the resulting footage is viewable for 24 hours after, this has given the app an advantage over its rival Meercat.

3. Periscope gives you the option of broadcasting publicly or privately. This means you can choose to do a private house tour for a prospective buyer in (say) Alberta who can’t make it to your open house. Or you can turn on Twitter Sharing and alert your Twitter followers via a tweet and shared link.

4. Titles matter. Users searching the ‘featured’ or ‘recent’ stream on Periscope are helped by descriptive titles. ‘Open house – tour of two-bed condo apartment in Liberty Village’ tells users exactly what you’re streaming.

5. People watching your video stream can use the chat feature to comment in real time. Picture this: it’s January, the snow’s deep enough to swim in, your prospective buyers are huddled up at home. You can conduct your open house on Periscope, tour the property, respond verbally to messaged questions, explain features that viewers query and give the tour a truly interactive feel.

6. Stats. Once your video ends Periscope lets you see how many live viewers you had, how many replayed your video and how many ‘liked’ it.

7. Periscope users are still exploring how best to adapt the app for their needs but another idea is an interactive Q&A. Offer to answer (say) the 10 most common real estate questions for buyers and any other questions viewers have. Pick a day and time and promote it well in advance on your website and social media channels. On the day viewers don’t have to register download any software or gather any special equipment, they just click the feed link and join the live stream.

8. You can save your broadcasts to your camera roll for replay later. Since shooting real estate videos generally requires a significant budget, a live stream could be a shrewd way of creating video content without the expectation of expensive, high-end production values.

9. See Periscope in action.

Chicago REALTOR® Sonia Figueroa uses her live stream to (1) highlight her expertise in Chicago real estate, (2) to share her social media contact points, (3) to demonstrate her warm personality and ease with clients.

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