Have a Good Meeting

Group of businesspeople having a meeting.

OK, I’ll bet some of you would rather go to a dentist than attend a committee/task force/board of Directors meeting! Why is that?

There is an old cliché that a committee was supposed to design a horse….and created a camel. All joking aside, we’ve all had painful experiences with meetings.

I’ll get right to the point when it comes to effective meetings;
– If you don’t have enough content to discuss – don’t hold a meeting
– When it is a 1 – 2 item agenda, save time by holding the meeting by conference call or webinar (conference call plus computer assisted software to display written comments).
– Have a tight, specific agenda that lasts no more than 1 hour – the chair needs to stick to the agenda
– Add no surprise “new business” items to the agenda – all items should have supporting documentation and advance notice
– The chair needs to hear from everyone – not just the dominant, vocal ones
– Reduce the chatter and get right to the motion – all comments need to be on the motion, not on some side issue
– Have no side discussions – keep those for the break
– Listen to all sides before you speak, make notes and then deliver your comments in a simple, concise manner
– Don’t take it personally if someone disagrees – disagree with the idea, not the person
– Ask as many questions as you can so you fully understand an issue

Have a good meeting.

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