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A Balancing Act

Real estate is not a 9 to 5 job, especially for those just starting in the profession. A lot has been written about how to balance work and family life.

The list that follows has been compiled from a variety a sources (noted at the end) and serves as a reminder that a long and profitable real estate career requires a balanced lifestyle.

Make family a priority

Regardless of what else happens, create time for your family. How?

•  Set aside a specific time frame each day to spend with your family.

•  Give your family your full attention during this time.

•  Schedule a weekly family night where each week a family member selects what the family will do (e.g., dinner at a restaurant, going to the movies). This is quality time you spend with the family.

•  Schedule a family day where you spend the entire day with the family, and do nothing related to work. This means no cell phone, pager, email, paperwork, etc.

Make your own schedule

The advantage of being in real estate is the ability to set your own hours. Be mindful of clients’ schedules, but do not be afraid to tell clients you have a prior commitment.

Plan your day in advance

At the end of each day, prepare a ‘to do’ list for the following day, and arrange tasks in order of priority (i.e., identify and complete the urgent task first). In addition, use the following time-saving techniques:

group together similar tasks, such as prospecting, answering clients’ queries, and paperwork organize your workspace by determining and gathering what you will need to accomplish a task keep a ‘notes list’ to record items that come up that require you to take action

Finally, set timelines and stick to them. At the same time, be flexible and allow for and expect interruptions. If you are interrupted, get back to your tasks as soon as possible.

Take care of yourself

Eat healthy/nutritious food, take a multivitamin to boost energy, exercise daily, and get a full eight hours of sleep (or as much as you personally need). When you are tired, even the smallest problem may seem like a nightmare.

Feeling good about your health will produce a new outlook on your life, and provide you with more energy to handle all types of issues that may arise.

Tune out

Turn off your cell phone and other communication devices during family time. Change your voice mail/email messages to indicate you are not available until a certain time.

Team up with colleagues

Teaming up with colleagues will ensure your calls and emergencies are covered while you are out of the office. Reciprocate this favour when a colleague is away from the office.

Give yourself a daily reminder

Remind yourself on a daily basis how valuable the time is that you spend with your spouse and family.


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