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A good day for Ontario REALTORS®

When the Ontario government announced they were reforming multiple representation, we knew we had to fight to protect a consumers’ ability to use a REALTOR® they know and trust.

It was an uphill battle.

Some, like the Toronto Star and RECO favoured a complete ban on double ending. We took a more thoughtful approach.

OREA opposed a ban on double ending and recommended a common-sense reform called mandatory designated representation with the ability for two clients to work with the same Realtor as an impartial facilitator.

Today, we learned we were successful. The province introduced legislation which proposes to implement OREA’s recommended reform. NEWS RELEASE

The bill must still go through the legislative process and including enabling regulations, but the government has committed to OREA that our model is the model they want to bring forward.

This is a big win for Ontario’s REALTORS®.

If it makes its way into law, OREA’s model means that you can continue to work with your long-time valued clients.

In just the last few months, we have seen two dramatically different results on multiple representation. In British Columbia, the NDP government banned limited dual agency with almost no exceptions.

In Ontario, the government has listened and struck a balance that will work all over the province.

A lot of detail must be sorted out in regulation which will be consulted on with the public, but today was a big step forward and a good one for Ontario REALTORS® and consumer choice.

Look for more updates on this issue very soon. In the meantime, if you have questions – email us:

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