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Agent Reboot – Peak Performance

Peak Performance: What it is, why you should care, and how technology helps you get there. – Denise Lones, SCP

Agent RebootApproximately 10% of the population are peak performers.  What makes you a peak performer?

Self-discipline.  Whatever you need to do, you’re willing to do it.  Keep working even when you have failure.  When looking in-depth, here are some categories and strengths of peak performers:

Attitude & Mindset: Leverage effectively, visualize success, focus on results – not perfection, think outside the box, solve problems, and build discipline into your business.

Action and Implementation: Develop goals and plans, get it done, take risks, get help when you need it, and leverage effectively.

Systems & tools: Invest in your business, and be an early adopter.

If you’re a peak perfomer in Real Estate,  you:

  1. Maximize your income.
  2. Achieve work/life balance.
  3. Deliver the best possible experience for your clients.

Why Embrace Technology?

  • 68% of the population in Canada is online.  Canada is the #1 nation online.
  • 57% on the Canadian population is online.
  • Canadians watch 147 videos per month on YouTube
  • 83.1% of the population in Canada is on Facebook.

So, if your consumers are online…you should probably be there too.

Where should you start?

  • Start on Facebook because 83% of your buyers and sellers are on there.

Real Estate is a business about making connections.  Denise’s piece of advice: take one thing (one new technology)…learn it & embrace it.  Then keep building upon that.  Thanks Denise Lones!

– Georgia Sapounas, Community Manager

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