Algonquin Land Claim Agreement-in-Principle Provokes Member Interest


It always amazes me how diverse the OREA area meeting issues can be. Although some agenda topics like the recent changes to Continuing Education in Ontario affect all members in every region, this vast province of ours certainly has its vast matters of interest. From Wind Turbines, to municipal taxes to Algonquin Land Claims.

At the spring Northeastern area meeting, volunteer leaders and Executive Officers of the 10 real estate boards gathered to hear a comprehensive presentation on Algonquin Land Claims from the Executive Director of the FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association). It was clear to all meeting attendees this Agreement in Principle will affect not only FOCA’s members but also thousands of the 52,000 OREA members across Ontario.

If and when this Agreement is finalized, it would mean the transfer of 117,000 acres of provincial Crown land to Algonquin communities, and it will involve a financial component. No private property would be expropriated as part of the deal.

There is no disputing the validity of the land claim, but there is some concern over the lack of transparency and consultation with all the affected parties.

What key message did the OREA area meeting representatives receive from this presentation? The message was clear. Be a part of the process. Contact your MPP to found out how this agreement in principle can affect you and your community.

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