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Augmented Reality – Connecting the Physical and Digital World

Claire Boonstra, originally a civil engineer is now the Co-founder and Head of Content and Community at Layar and she is sharing AR (Augmented Reality) at Inman Connect.  Layar is the leader in Augmented Reality.

With this type of technology, it is easier to show you about it than talk about it… So, check it out:

3600 layars are being created by 1000’s of developers today.  Layar has been downloaded on over 10M phones and there are 2-3M active users per month.

Claire Boonstra

Since you can geo-localize in real estate, this technology could gain huge precedence.  This is about connecting the physical world with the digital world.  Between QR codes, geo-mapping location based applications (like Foursquare) and augmented reality, the gap between physical and digital is closing.



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