Breaking the Glass Ceiling – Giving Others a Chance

In the last few years, I have met volunteers who have served 10, 20 and even 30 years on their boards of directors. I’ve worked with several volunteer leaders who have served as president — on four separate occasions. These volunteers need to be applauded for their outstanding dedication and contribution. One of the reasons … Continued

Executive Committees; Saviour or Scrooge?

It’s March 2015 and I’m doing my income tax return and I ask myself; do I value the Canada Revenue Agency or not? Well, that depends on whether I’m getting a refund or not. In other words, what’s in it for me? I think the same holds true for executive committees; are they a good … Continued

Everybody’s doin’ it, doin’ it, doin’ it!

Have you ever wanted and waited for something to happen and finally it did? I’m talking about consolidation of MLS® in Ontario, where all REALTORS® will have seamless access to all MLS® information. Yes, we’ve had some fine examples of information sharing and common MLS® data bases like in Toronto/GTA, Ottawa/Renfrew and London/Tillsonburg. But there … Continued

Telling Stories Out of School (gossip)

We could all go on about the clichés like “loose lips sink ships” or “be careful with the words you use”, but the main message is what you say reflects on everyone. I hear this frequently when it comes to REALTORS® or volunteer leaders…..people not being careful about what they say. Ok, let me give … Continued

Have you been away?

It’s been one heck of a busy spring/summer schedule for most of us…both for association staff and volunteer leaders.  We’ve either been in the office, travelling in our car or attending meetings. Just recently, we tried to get five people to attend a meeting and over a two-month period, they only had one day when all … Continued

Are you ready for the voting meeting?

At least annually, real estate associations hold voting meetings to elect directors, approve Bylaws or accept audited financial statements. Most often the voting is done at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). For some, AGM might mean Aggravating General Meeting. This is often true, not only for the members and voting delegates, but for those leaders … Continued

Organized real estate quiz – the answers!

Last week’s Leadership blog posed some real estate questions to get your brain working. This week we have the answers…   1) What was MLS® called starting in 1951 (yeah, I was around then, barely)? Answer: MLS Photo Co-Op   2) What does MDMS stand for? Answer: Moore Data Management System, an MLS vendor that … Continued

How well do you know organized real estate?

Some of these go back quite a while – answers will be in next week’s blog.   1) What was MLS® called starting in 1951 (yeah, I was around then, barely)?   2) What does MDMS stand for?   3) Name the first real estate board in Ontario with an Internet accessed, browser-enabled MLS® system … Continued

Crazy Busy

“I’m Crazy Busy” Have you heard a real estate board president say that lately? Unfortunately, it is an all too common refrain, especially now as most presidents are about to complete their first trimester. AGM’s, board meetings, director orientation, strategic planning, OREA and CREA conferences – Wow, their schedule would make our Prime Minister look … Continued