Tips for being organized this spring

Real estate traditionally picks up in the spring so now is the time to organize. Your organizational efforts should cover everything from your car to your office. Preparation is one essential element in staying organized. Better efficiency leads to greater productivity and hopefully larger success. Another important element is prioritization – focus on the clients … Continued

How to Research A Neighbourhood

Where can you eat, play, exercise, shop, hang out, and work? Have I left anything out? Yes. Is this neighbourhood known for having smaller or larger homes? Whether you are farming an area for a client or just researching, your personal knowledge on location can be critical. These tips may provide an efficient way to … Continued

Work Life Balance

Vacations, Long Weekends, or Holidays We have to remember that we all have to take time to recharge our batteries. Let’s get rid of the stigma surrounding taking time for yourself. Although this might sound counter intuitive sometimes you can be more successful if you take a break and nurture the relationships in your life. … Continued

Tips to Stay Organized

Meeting clients, returning phone calls, showings, and home evaluations. Let us acknowledge that we need to be organized to succeed. Staying organized has a ton of advantages. Arriving on time shows competence Calling on time shows professionalism Being prepared for home evaluations Presentations Whether you, email, bring a folder, use your tablets, or smartphones. Staying … Continued

Goal Setting

Real Estate is great because you get to set your own goals…. it may be a daily goal of talking at least 25 people about real estate. A weekly goal of converting leads to appointments. A monthly goal of listings, or yearly goals with regard to the amount of homes sold or purchased. Staying on … Continued