International Buyers

I live and work in Kitchener-Waterloo. In recent years the area has been booming with tech startups and touts itself as the Silicon Valley of the North.  We also have two highly regarded Universities and a large College.  Those factors attract people from all over the world to our community. As a result I find … Continued

Tech Time Savers You Should be Using

  It’s incredible how quickly this business is changing. More than ever success in Real Estate requries REALTORS® to innovate in how they conduct their business. Here are the minimum tech time savers that you should be using: Electronic Signatures If you haven’t done so already, you should subscribe to an Electronic Signature provider immediately.  … Continued

Don’t be afraid to be different

In a business with as much competition as ours, being different is good. It helps you stand out. Use whatever uniqueness you have to your advantage. When I first started in Real Estate I did not include my picture on my business cards. I jumped into the business right out of University and was worried … Continued

Real Estate is not a job

Don’t think of real estate as a job.  Think of it as a lifestyle. Embracing this concept helped me take my business to the next level. When I first considered a career in real estate, one of things that attracted me the most was the perceived flexibility in work hours. It’s true that I am … Continued

Happy Selling!

Looking to improve your business? It’s easy, improve your attitude. Don’t overlook the importance of being positive as a key to your success. When you are just starting out you might be lacking experience or certain skills but you can still stand out from your competition by being a positive person. Real Estate is a … Continued

Mobile Manners

My mobile phone and I are extremely close.  I wake up with it every morning and go to bed with it in the evening. It’s also my mobile office. With it I can do pretty much everything from emails, text messages, to social media and, can’t forget, even make phone calls! In our business, this … Continued

Breaking up with a Client

I love my job. One of my favourite things about it is meeting people and forging new relationships. Sadly, I recently had to end one. It just wasn’t “working out” with these clients. They really wanted me to work with them, so I gave them a few chances and tried to work through things. Financially, … Continued

Have you considered volunteering?

  In my years in Real Estate I have been witness to a great deal of change. Our industry is constantly evolving.  As young professionals we are its future.  I encourage you to consider volunteering and have your voice heard. Help shape its continued success and growth. It doesn’t have to be a big commitment. … Continued

OREA YPN Continues to Grow

An OREA YPN chapter was recently formed in Kitchener-Waterloo. Inspired by the success happening at the provincial level, seven passionate KW REALTORS® undertook the initiative to create a local YPN.   The idea of REALTORS® helping REALTORS® is a refreshing idea.   The opportunity to connect and speak with peers of a similar age and experience is very … Continued

YPN Kick-Off Event a Huge Success

  The OREA Young Professionals Network (YPN) held their first ever event on February 28, in Toronto, at the annual OREA Leadership Conference. It went incredibly well. Over 200 young REALTORS®, both in age and at heart, from across Ontario attended the reception hosted by the group. The event provided an opportunity to meet, connect … Continued