Facebook: Not just for stalking your Exes

It’s also for promoting yourself as a REALTOR®. I was recently working with a first-time homebuyer. A well educated, intelligent young lady born in 1993. While completing a FINTRAC form I asked her for I.D. She held up her phone to show me her Facebook profile and said “see it’s me!” I then had to … Continued

How not to take awful listing photos

One of my pet peeves is seeing really bad (and I mean really bad) listing photos. You know which ones I’m talking about, we’ve all see them.  With the agent’s face in the bathroom mirror. Or the shot that was oh so clearly taken from inside the agent’s car. In fact some of these photos … Continued

Real Estate Etiquette 101

As REALTORS® often times we are over stressed, over worked and underpaid. As we race through our careers we often sprint right past etiquette and good form. Everyone’s time is equally as valuable. And the REALTOR® you were discourteous to today, might be the REALTOR® you need a favour from tomorrow. So in the interest of … Continued