Top 5 Social-Media Silly Slips and Snafus

Social media has changed the way Realtors do business. Gone are the days of exchanging business cards with a Realtor at a conference and filing the card away for the day you have a referral, and equally gone are the days of handing out business cards at a trade show in the hopes that sellers … Continued

How to Have a Rockin’ Real Estate Career

This spring marked my fifth year in real estate, and like many former rookies I looked back and thought; what would I have done differently had I known what I do now? While we don’t yet have the technology to travel back in time, we do have the ability pay it forward to the next … Continued

It’s all about ME!

I’m a member of Generation “Y”; more commonly referred to as the “Me Generation”. A recent Time Magazine cover called my generation “lazy, entitled, selfish, and shallow”. Not really the way most of us would like to describe ourselves, is it?  I’m a small town real estate professional from “Ontario’s Feel Good Town” of Cobourg; … Continued