Mid-Year Resolution Check-in

With the start of a new month, the seasons on the verge of change and as families prepare for back to school, we can all use this time to make new habits and changes we may have been putting off. New Year’s resolutions are great but more often than not we can fall off the … Continued

OREA YPN is growing!

Hi Everyone, I am very proud and honoured to once again be the OREA YPN Chair. Not only do I get the privilege of getting to know a new set of Ontario leaders sitting on our committee but I also get to watch the local boards and associations grow their networks. As a provincial association … Continued

5 Selling Tips for Winter

My answer to anyone complaining about the weather is: “I have no idea how it happens but somehow we’re all shocked that winter comes every year!” (I also adapt that for Christmas!) As Canadians we are hit with crazy “Stormmagedon’s”, freezing rain and other traitorous conditions and yet as REALTORS® I think we truly get … Continued

How to see change after a conference or seminar

Conferences are great. They offer new and innovative ideas for your business and energize you to stay focused and become the best at what you do. You learn from industry leaders and network with your colleagues. But they can also be insanely overwhelming. With tons of ideas and new techniques being fed to you at … Continued

Watch out OREA, YPN is on the move!

After two outstanding years sitting on the OREA YPN committee I now have the honour of becoming the Chair and watching this awesome committee, and growing real estate movement, grow and flourish in the upcoming year. We have started the proverbial ball rolling within our committee by watching each member email the group a video … Continued

Checking out the new CREA ad

A great ad can make you stop and watch. It can leave you thinking or just laughing along.  Either way if people are talking about it you know it’s hit some kind of nerve. The new CREA ad for 2014 has done definitely that. Launched last week to positive reactions across Canada and as far … Continued

Making a business plan

As we near the end of the 2013, (I cannot believe how fast this year has went!), we should all be looking to set out our goals and objectives for the year ahead. Looking ahead gives us goals to aspire to and benchmarks to judge our performance against. Each and every one of us, (“us” … Continued

The Dog Days of Summer

As we finally welcome the summertime heat and beautiful weather I find myself, like many around me, wanting to be lakeside, poolside or anywhere outside celebrating the sun. However, when you’re in the real estate business, the temptation to lounge or tee-off can shift your focus away from the summer market that might be right … Continued

Start your day by eating frog!

I’m not literally asking you to eat a frog,(unless that’s your thing and then by all means,) but instead I’ve adopted the ancient philosophy of checking off the most daunting, annoying or tedious task first thing in my day. The belief is that if you cross this off your list the rest of the day … Continued

Managing Expectations

In our industry, and in life, I have found that we are constantly dealing with the most challenging variable of all, people’s expectations. These expectations, as complex and simplistic as they may be, are tough to anticipate, or evaluate, unless you attempt to manage them. Managing expectations helps to keep all parties involved in a … Continued