Keeping it real

I recently read a very interesting blog post written by OREA’s Elaine La Chappelle. Elaine’s article stresses the fact that not all people are comfortable making presentations but if you keep it real, show enthusiasm and passion for your topic you will be a success. While reading the article I realized that this sound advice … Continued

Make your phone ring more often

“Hi – I’m not sure if you remember me. ” Don’t you love those calls? I had a message last weekend to call someone whose name sounded familiar but I couldn’t quite remember why.  Curiosity got the best of me and I did a reverse search on the phone number. Detective work is a part … Continued

Profiling – Creating an Online Presence

One of the first things I ask when training new salespeople is whether they have Googled themselves lately.  This is important because any potential clients or customers will definitely be checking them out online. It is important to build an online presence from the get-go.  Number one on the list is to buy a domain … Continued