5 reasons why you should attend #OREAEmerge 2018

The newly branded OREA EMERGE is back for the sixth year and it is coming to Lakelands on September 26, 2018. EMERGE is a full-day conference that dives deep into the relationship between real estate and technology, with innovative speakers and an all new technology panel sharing valuable information for your growing business.   Here … Continued


You can never be too careful…especially in the real estate industry. Yes, that means you too Hurc! Always make sure your office staff have a record of your appointments and open houses. If you receive a confirmation verbally through a sales rep, either ask them to call the office or you call the office yourself … Continued

OREA Finance Update Mid-year 2018

David Oikle, 2018 Chair of OREA’s Finance and Audit committee, delivers a mid-year financial report from the Ontario Real Estate Association, and outlines the strategic direction of OREA in 2018 and beyond.