Top Five Roadblocks to Going Paperless with John-Ross Parks

  It was an absolute pleasure being invited back for the 2015 EMERGE tour. This year I felt that it was very important to impart the benefits of the paperless life as a full time Realtor. Less about apps and more about personal struggles and benefits. It’s important for Realtors to know that even though … Continued

Blogging, Backups, and Bad Endings

If anyone has experienced a home invasion, aka a break in, you will probably understand how I felt today… I received a call from my web designer that my WordPress website was hacked. Initially I thought: “Oh, it’s no big deal, I’m not Sony or the CIA so I’ll be fine.” But as the minutes … Continued

The Generational Realtor®: The Good, Bad, and Not so Ugly?

Whether you’re part of a real estate dynasty, or simply following in your parents’ foot steps and joining the family business, being a part of a multi-generational business has its pros and cons. I recently reached out on Facebook REALTOR® forums to see what some of my multi-generational comrades had to say about their experiences. … Continued