The more that you learn…

Congratulations you have just become a licensed REALTOR®.  You must be excited to get out there in the real world of buying and selling property, but there are a lot of challenges when first starting into your career as a REALTOR®. It’s important to remember that knowledge is power, so start gaining knowledge right away. … Continued

Selecting a brokerage

Selecting what brokerage to work for can be a bit overwhelming.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when interviewing brokerages, and yes I said interviewing brokerages as in you interviewing them!  Almost any brokerage will be happy to take your money, so you want to find the brokerage that will best suit … Continued

Why I love my job as a REALTOR®

I worked as an IT manager for ten years and then moved into the real estate industry.  Why?  I have a passion for educating and investing in real estate.  Having purchased two rental properties by the age of 27, it was natural to pursue a job as a REALTOR®.   The Top 5 Reasons I … Continued