Fall cleaning starts with organizing your finances

Happy Halloween to all members of the Ontario Real Estate Association and the Young Professionals Network. Since fall is a slightly quieter time than the upcoming holiday season, it is an excellent opportunity for real estate professionals to get our finances in order in advance of year end. Before you know it, tax time will … Continued

Futures Implementation Team

This blog post is very timely because I am actually attending the very first meeting of the FIT.
And for those of you who don’t know what the FIT is, it is the Futures Implementation Team. The future is coming and it is time for change.

What an Incredible Year it has Been

When each and every president said to me “the year goes by really fast” I never really got it until now. It is so true and what an incredible year it has been.

In my incoming president’s speech I used the term, “if not now, when”…and this is the mantra that I repeated throughout the year to keep not only myself on track but also to keep the association focused on its goals. The time has come to start embracing CREA’s futures planning, start taking action, and start making decisions.

That Time of Year

As one year is winding down to a close, remember to take some time to reflect and recognize your accomplishments.  Take some time to be thankful for what you have and share laughter and smiles with loved ones.   Most of all, I hope that you enjoy the holiday season in your unique way and make … Continued

OREA Dues Get Members: Information, Education, Representation, and Services

Your real estate board collects annual dues of $110 from each member on behalf of the Ontario Real Estate Association. What does OREA do with this money? As your President, I can tell you we’re focusing on the areas that our members have identified as important. Education and lobbying the government are high priorities at OREA. Improved communication, promoting the … Continued

Grooming our Next Generation of Leaders – YPN

Young professionals are the future of the real estate business. However, in a field where the average age is over 50, younger REALTORS® often strive for a way to connect with each other and tap into valuable resources that will help them succeed in business. Did you know that over eight out of ten REALTORS® … Continued

REALTORS® Support Public Registry of Grow Ops – Radio Interview

Since late spring, I’ve been involved in OREA’s efforts to promote REALTOR® value. I’ve had the privilege to be quoted many times in newspaper articles that are reinforcing the value that REALTORS® bring to the transaction. Often these newspaper stories create interest from other media and the radio interview below is the latest example of … Continued

Get Out and Vote

Dear OREA Member: With just days left in the 2011 Ontario election campaign I want to encourage you to get out and vote on October 6 and make your voice heard. As a member of OREA, you have an opportunity to help send candidates to Queen’s Park who will best serve the interests of our … Continued

Ramping up for a Busy Fall – Meetings Galore

Hello OREA members! I have just come up for air as last week was a whirlwind and we are starting to ramp up for a busy fall season. We held our annual Past President’s meeting at the Old Mill in Toronto on September 7th. We had a really good group of Past President’s participate in … Continued

Highlighting the Value of REALTORS®

Hello everyone! Hopefully you are all enjoying what is now turning into a very hot summer! But even in the heat of summer life goes on for us as both REALTORS® and volunteers… As part of OREA‘s launch of our campaign to communicate REALTOR® value to consumers through media relations and social media tools, the … Continued