Welcome to the Out of Towner Club

  If you haven’t yet been inaugurated into the “Out of Towner” club, it’s just a matter of time.  Out of town clients can be the most fun, interesting, rewarding and exhausting people you will ever get to work with.   You become very close with your client because they are relying on you completely. You … Continued

Getting over a Return to Sender

It is probably inevitable at some point throughout your career you will see these words scrawled across the name and address of one of you favourite clients “return to sender”.  A client who you stayed in touch with, who recommended your services and someone who you genuinely liked. Let the grieving process begin!  First there’s … Continued

Real Estate Today – What Would Emily Post Say?

Real estate has come a long way since my Grandmother’s days when she started her brokerage back in 1958. I know this because she is ALWAYS reminding me of it! I have listened to her nostalgic stories all of my life, so when I first started in real estate, I wondered, how did they manage?  … Continued

The Controversy of Stigmatized Properties

As most of you know, there has been a lot of talk about stigmatized properties in the media lately and coincidentally I ran into one myself! In a nut shell, there isn’t a law in Ontario where a Seller must disclose a stigmatized property, which has more than a few people upset.  There is however a … Continued

Why should I have a Facebook page?

Facebook – Either you love it or you hate it!  Whichever category you fall into, there is no denying that a Facebook page can be a great tool for your real estate business.  Let me give you the top 10 reasons, David Letterman style… Number 10 – 1 Billion Users. That’s a big audience, why … Continued

Becoming a Broker: A Learning Junkies Journey

If you’re reading this, chances are you have your real estate licence. I’m sure almost all of you remember the courses you took to get to where you are, and they weren’t always easy. Mine involved a lot of studying, with a side of caffeine-fueled cramming the night before exams. If you’re at all like … Continued

Are you “baby spamming” your leads & clients?

Do you have someone on your Facebook newsfeed who obsessively updates you and everyone else on the most mundane aspects of their baby’s life? I do. I call them “baby spammers.” Let me give you an example of some of their updates:   Annoying Mother – “Baby just took a poop!  It was so big, … Continued

The Psychology of Real Estate

The more I get to know the world of real estate, the more I have noticed that having an understanding of psychology is just as important as sales. In fact, one’s psychology is a driving force behind all sales! There are many personality tests out there that will not only tell you what type of … Continued

Does Your Reputation Have Cracks in it?

We have all heard the motto that bad news travels faster than good news.  News can travel faster than a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird (the world’s fastest air-breathing manned aircraft). This image or video was catalogued by Dryden Flight Research Center of the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) under Photo ID: EC94-42883-4.   … Continued