The Smart-home Solution from Apple

  The current smart home landscape looks a lot like the Wild West. A slew of companies have thrown their hats into the ring to produce an array of products that are still fighting it out for dominance. The devices are largely incompatible with one another, and each requires its own third-party app to control. … Continued

5 tips for sending effective emails

Do you have a mailing list of past, current and potential clients? Here are five tips for making the most of each email opportunity. Keep it short Research shows the average email recipient will spend 15-20 seconds on your email. There’s no point writing yards of content. Keep it short and sweet. Be consistent Send … Continued

Real estate and virtual reality

Virtual reality technology has made a huge leap forward over the last few months. The Oculus Rift, now owned by Facebook, the HTC Vive, Samsung Gear and Sony Play Station VR are all vying to be the virtual reality leader. It’s a technology that lends itself perfectly to real estate and REALTOR® groups are wasting … Continued


We would all like to work a little smarter and faster. Here are simple 10 life hacks designed to increase your productivity. 1 – Keep a running list of everything you’re waiting on. Clearing those items out of your head will give you more mental space to focus on other things. 2 – There are a range … Continued

CES 2016: New features for the smart home

The Consumer Electronics Show, held annually in Las Vegas, drew the usual crowds as companies unveiled gadgets and software that they hope will become the next big thing in our daily lives. Here are five innovations for the home that could be coming to a property near you. The Smoke Alarm The Halo smoke alarm … Continued

Home staging – the virtual way

Most home buyers begin their search independently using the internet, a medium that skews largely in favour of the visual. A property listing can rise or fall on the strength of its accompanying photographs. It’s a simple line to draw: great imagery generates more interest, which encourages more foot traffic to the property, which sets … Continued

5 Web Design Trends for 2016

Web design in 2016 is about to go minimalist. At least that’s what the experts are predicting. If you’re thinking about redesigning your website or about to make your first foray into website ownership, here are five website trends experts say we should expect to dominate this year. 1. Flat Design Over that past couple … Continued

SpeakingPhoto – simplifying the photo slideshow

A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially in the world of real estate. While a thousand words is nothing to sniff at, you save even more verbosity once you combine picture with voice-over. Enter SpeakingPhoto, a voice-recording photo app that’s going from strength to strength. The app allows you to take photos or to … Continued

4 Tech tools you should know about is a link shortener similar to Bitly. However, it can be used more strategically as it enables you to share articles while driving traffic back to your own site. Every time you share a page using the app adds a ‘call to action’ at the bottom of the destination page directing the … Continued

7 Things you should know about Blab

The new livestreaming application, Blab, is stirring up conversation. It’s still in the testing phase but available for a trial run by any interested parties. Those who’ve already tried the app have given it a resounding thumbs up. Here’s what you need to know. 1. Blab is a livestreaming platform. Four participants can chat on … Continued