Hiring a virtual assistant – 5 things to consider

For every successful, income-generating activity in the real estate world, there are a hundred mundane, repetitive tasks. If you’re juggling all this work alone you can quickly start to feel like an admin worker. And if you’re spending a disproportionate amount of time on admin tasks, you might be right. What can you do to … Continued

Using google analytics

When it comes to understanding your website traffic, Google Analytics is the must-have tool. The free web analytics service allows website owners to track a range of metrics and through that data better understand the behaviour of their users. Here are five Google Analytics metric terms you need to be familiar with. Sessions Google Analytics … Continued

7 ways to use Instagram for real estate

A study at the start of this year showed Instagram is the fastest-growing social network. That’s no surprise since the internet loves images and Instagram is all about sharing pictures on mobile devices. The only surprise is that more real estate professionals aren’t on there. Here are 7 ways to make Instagram work for you. … Continued

5 Ways to unplug and recharge during summer

Being able to carry your office around in a pocket-sized smartphone is both a gift and a curse. The difficulties are amplified when vacation time rolls around; you know you deserve a break, you know you should switch it all off, but the temptation to answer emails, spruce up your blog, or tweet your thoughts … Continued

9 Things you should know about Periscope

Live video streaming is the latest handy, online tool and Twitter’s Periscope app is outstripping the competition by a mile. Here are 9 things you should know about the app. 1. Periscope works through Twitter so you’ll need a Twitter account to join the party. 2. Although Periscope streams live video, the resulting footage is … Continued

5 ways to use video in real estate

Video is like an adrenaline shot when it comes to online content. It ranks higher in search engine results than text or audio and can boost a website’s ranking much quicker than mere SEO. How can you best employ video in your real estate work? Here are five suggestions with video examples.   1. Make … Continued

Wired Office: Big data is key to real estate service

Data is everywhere and increasingly consumers are going online to conduct their own real estate searches. Does this mean the need for REALTORS® will disappear? Innovation expert David Eaves thinks not. Eaves shared his thoughts at OREA’s recent REGeneration conference. His talk, The Next Big Thing in Real Estate, covered a lot of ground, including … Continued

How to take beautiful listing photos: 10 tips

A picture is worth a thousand words. The old adage is certainly true when it comes to real estate. Surveys suggest 80% of house searches start online therefore it’s vital your listing pictures make a good first impression. If your budget won’t stretch to a professional photographer, there’s no reason why you can’t do a … Continued

Evergreen content: 10 ideas for REALTORS®

Evergreen web content is the gift that keeps on giving. It is helpful content that’s relevant all year round, won’t date and (if properly optimised) will keep generating traffic for you over long periods of time. How do you create content with such enduring appeal? Here are 10 suggestions. 1. Industry acronyms are baffling to … Continued

Five content marketing tips

        Consumers are increasingly adept at tuning out traditional marketing – ie banner ads – and paying attention only to content. Thankfully, content marketing is a very neat solution to this problem, it gives the consumer what they want – information and compelling content – while giving the content creator an engaged … Continued