Proximity marketing is the new For-Sale sign

Ask a marketer about the four pillars of sales and they’ll reel off the usual: product, price, promotion and placement. It’s a line-up that hasn’t changed since the 1960s. That is until ‘Proximity’ rode into town and became the new buzzword. Proximity marketing (sometimes called hyperlocal) is about spotlighting your product when the consumer is … Continued

Swipe your way through your next presentation

Remember the 2002 film Minority Report? Remember Tom Cruise waving his arms like an orchestra conductor and using the air as an interface for his digital programs? Unlike the hover boards Marty McFly promised us but technology failed to deliver, the gesture-led computer application is here and yours to install. Swoosh is an app built … Continued

5 Ways to Simplify Your Social Strategy

During OREA’s recent REGeneration event (held on March 12th), Richard Silver moderated a panel talk called: Mail Drops, Door Knocks and Social Media. Three REALTORS® shared their marketing techniques and weighed old school methods against newer practices. Marketing talk naturally led to discussions on social media, which neatly segued into social media management tools. The … Continued

This will boost your website traffic!

You’ve written a new item for your website and you’re feeling proud and excited. Now the next step is getting people to view it. Whether your visitors see your post on your website homepage, on a social media platform, or in an email – how do you get casual browsers to stop and click? Here … Continued

5 Simple Website Improvements

Your REALTOR® website is your shop window. If it looks dated or haphazard, nobody is going to walk in. And if they do walk in and find chaos, they’re going to dash back out in a hurry. Here are five simple changes you can make to your website that will improve the experience for visitors. … Continued

Attack of the Drones

Everybody wants a drone these days. Farmers want to monitor their land without driving all over kingdom come, news agencies want to cover natural disasters without imperiling journalists, movie directors want that aerial money-shot, and commercial enterprises like Amazon are eager to make a (financial) killing with air delivery. Unmanned aerial vehicles are set to … Continued

Who dominated the smart home at the Consumer Electronic Show?

Las Vegas has wrapped up another successful Consumer Electronic Show. Amidst all the tempting futuristic gadgets on display, the top question for anyone in the property market had to be, who dominated the smart home sector? The main contenders right now are: Apple’s HomeKit, Samsung’s SmartThings and Google’s Nest. Apple unveiled some nifty new devices … Continued

Are you making the best use of Google maps?

Google Maps is one of the most downloaded applications and likely one you fire up on a regular basis. But familiarity does not guarantee efficiency and there are probably a host of insider tricks you could use to improve your Google Maps user experience. We have picked out five suggestions. Gathering traffic data On the … Continued

Five post-conference tips

The annual calendar is increasingly filled with conferences and tradeshows and other inspiring networking events that leave attendees buoyed up with great ideas and strategies. But what happens once you’ve left the event? How do you feed that enthusiasm and can-do attitude into your regular work week? Here are five post-conference tips designed to maximise … Continued

Time to make your stats sing

Sometimes you have to give your clients a slew of statistics but you want to present them in a visual, comprehensible format. There are a range of software and apps available that are designed to jazz up numbers. Here are three recommendations:   Viz If you like to keep things very simple, Viz is the … Continued