Balance in our business

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I have been in the business 13 and a half years and right from the very start my family and friends have taken priority.

How you might say?  As REALTORS® we work weekends, we have late showings, we need to respond quickly or risk losing the sale… how can you make friends and family the priority?  There are always good reasons why it’s easy to let the important things slide, but there are ways to make sure they don’t as well.

I have an advantage, as I have no children, but I still have an extended family, a spouse and friends that I love to be with. On top of those commitments, I believe volunteering for my profession is very important.

So how do I make those things a priority and still service my clients and business?  It’s easy, I just do it!  For me, it often comes down to two things:

Use a calendar and stick to it.  If I have booked a night for dinner with my spouse, I make sure my day is setup to not miss it or be late.

Refer business to colleagues.  For me this has always paid back big time when they need time away.  I take that weekend and just leave the phone aside.  The world will not come to an end.  I may miss a business opportunity,  but I may never get the chance to have those moments with my friends or family again.

I’ve been lucky to have a vacation home in Florida for quite some time and when I first started in real estate, some of my new colleagues were aghast when I would take two weeks away during the busiest time of our market.

They said “we’re all busy right now and this is the heat of the market, you can’t go away!”.

“Yes I can,” I said.  “Here’s my contact information, sell my listings and I’ll see you soon”.

For over 20 years I have taken those two weeks to visit my vacation spot every year, no matter how busy the market is. It is my commitment to my partner, my friends and to the care of that property.

But what about day-to-day business?  For me it’s important to have outlets.  Activities that recharge my soul, keep my mind and body active. I bowl on Tuesday afternoons, I golf regularly in the summer, I play Scrabble on Thursday afternoons, I sing in the North Hastings Community Choir on Wednesday nights and I play cards on Monday nights.  These activities are priorities for me.

Keeping myself involved in the community, local activities and food for the soul makes me a better person and a better REALTOR® because I can keep the right perspective on work/life balance.

The great thing about our business is that we have choices and flexibility in our work. Don’t forget to use them!

Make life your priority, not business.  It is a means to an end, we all have bills to pay, but I believe there are far more valuable things in life than money.  My wealth has always been measured in my relationships.  Make your relationships your most valued currency and balancing your business will be easy.


Valerie Miles is a volunteer and guest blogger for OREA.

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