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Become an Actor

man touching chin

A salesperson is always on stage just like an entertainer. And, like such performers, the best salespeople keep their audience engaged through words, actions, and force of character that communicate knowledge and integrity to their clients and customers.

I believe that studying the art of acting will deliver valuable lessons and tools that will translate into a successful sales career. The acting profession requires continuous study and commitment. The successful actor studies his or her craft comprehensively and delivers the acquired skills with intensity and passion.

Knowing what you know is ordinary. Feeling and believing what you know is the foundation for service excellence. Study your abilities, embrace them, and deliver them with honest, caring representation. You will be seen as approachable, knowledgeable, adaptable with a distinct personal brand of entrepreneurship and professionalism.

Study acting. Become an actor. It will assuredly make you a better salesperson.

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