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Blended Learning: Just the Facts

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Nearly two years have passed since OREA Real Estate College unveiled its new active learning methodology, which became known as blended learning.

Much has been accomplished since the first pilot launch in November 2014. Here are the facts:

Fact 1: Blended learning is active learning

Blended learning comes in many forms. But, regardless of the name or the form, the important thing to remember is that blended learning is active learning. The College’s unique model is active learning because:

  • Class time is devoted to case study analyses, discussions, and other active learning activities/instructional techniques
  • Instructors facilitate discussion using the Socratic Method, a student-centred questioning technique that encourages disciplined, thoughtful dialogue and promotes independent, higher-order thinking
  • Students gain foundational knowledge (i.e., the basics) on their own time (in classroom during the ‘prep’ time or at home)
  • Foundational knowledge is delivered in a variety of forms (print, online print and video, app) and students are required to review these resources to prepare for the in-class facilitated discussions
  • Discussions and activities lead to better and more meaningful engagement (student-student, student instructor, student-materials)
  • Shared dialogue with the instructor and peers is when collaborative learning takes place, and this type of interaction builds the knowledge required to transfer to the real world of real estate trading
  • Lecturing is minimal

Fact 2: Accolades

In 2015, the College received two awards for its blended learning program: the 2015 LERN International Award for Excellence in Programming, given to programs deemed to be creative, innovative, and exemplary; and the 2015 REEA Education Program of the Year Award.

LERN is the world’s largest association in continuing education and lifelong learning. REEA is a society of real estate educators. REEA’s mission is to provide resources and opportunities for professional development to individuals and organizations involved in real estate education.

Fact 3: Qualified and Consistent Instruction

The College has been training instructors in the blended learning model since 2014. In addition to having undergone an intensive application process upon first becoming instructors for OREA Real Estate College, blended learning instructors have been required to:

  • Observe the delivery of two case studies in a blended learning course
  • Facilitate two case studies
  • Obtain a passing grade of 85 per cent on the 37-question instructor assessment, completed by the observer/monitor, a College staff member

To date, all instructors have been trained to deliver the first course, Real Estate as a Professional Career, which is now being delivered in the blended learning model across Ontario. In addition, the College will roll out the blended learning model for Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading on September 6, 2016.


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