Building leadership through communication

OREA welcomed volunteer leaders, (Presidents-Elect), for an intensive three day session of communication training this September, repeating it in October.  The training was comprised of three training modules, Conflict Resolution, Positive Media Relations and Presentation Skills.  A participants guide was available to each attendee.

Module One: Conflict Resolution

The first module focused on communication and conflict resolution, in small groups and interpersonal relationships.  Included were several important and proven concepts to help understand conflict, listen effectively and manage conflict situations to a successful conclusion.

Module Two: Positive Media Relations

In module two, attention was turned to mass communication and, in particular, to interactions with the news media.  As leading real estate professionals in Ontario, you may be called upon to act as a spokesperson and handle media interviews.  A variety of concepts and techniques were presented to help capitalize on these important opportunities, while avoiding the traps that sometimes present themselves.

Module Three: Presentation Skills

In module three, the focus turned to communicating with large and small groups.  The goal was to perfect skills as a presenter.  The participants guide assisted attendees in planning, building, rehearsing and presenting in a way that minimizes the stress and anxiety that can accompany presentations.



Here is some of the feedback about the training that we received from our volunteer leaders;

“This was my second time attending the course.  The material was relevant to today as it was the last time I attended.  The instructors have the ability to have us shed our insecurities and get to work at our individual goals.  It’s this one on one in a collective atmosphere that gives Delta Media the gold star in my book.  Thank you OREA for giving me the chance to attend.”  ~ Darrin O’Brien, Parry Sound and area Association of REALTORS®

“Just wanted to send a short note to thank OREA for offering such a great course for the presidents-elect.  I really enjoyed myself and hope to use all that I learned in the upcoming year” ~ Dawn Kendrick, Niagara Association of REALTORS®

“Excellent content and results” ~ Andres Paara, Georgian Triangle Association of REALTORS®

“Excellent content and presentation.  As much as I was dreading having to deliver a speech, by the end of the day I found I really enjoyed it and learned much, thank you OREA and Delta Media” ~ John Oddi, Brantford Regional Real Estate Association Inc.

“Excellent content and presentation.  As much as I was dreading having to deliver a speech (on camera especially) by the end of the day I found I really enjoyed it and learned so much. ~ Sue Fowler, Huron Perth Association of REALTORS®

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