And the answers are…

Do you know how to calculate the cubic feet of a structure? Do you need help calculating the following: If a buyer is facing $967.80 per month for principal and interest payments on her mortgage and also pays $458.35 per month on a demand loan, what is the minimum amount of annual income she must … Continued

Customer Service Unplugged

Customer service, how should it be done? That’s a cinch. Some people, however, would argue otherwise, contending it would be much easier to debunk the Big Bang Theory or define how the universe was created out of ‘nothingness’. Well, let’s leave such hyperboles to sitcom writers and renowned theoretical physicist and author Lawrence Krauss, respectively. … Continued

Featured Alumnus: Linda Brauner

REALTOR® Linda Brauner remembers when a real estate offer was contained on one legal-sized (double-sided) page, and salespeople wrote clauses in the allotted half-page on the front.  Today, the forms come in a series (eight series that focus on residential, commercial, buyer, seller, etc.), range from two to six pages long, have been translated into … Continued

Focus is the Key

Multitasking – engaging in multiple tasks simultaneously or sequentially (i.e., shifting from one task to another in rapid succession) – is costly and a waste of time. And, there are studies to prove it. Researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry at the University of London studied 1,100 workers at a British company, who found that … Continued

The Long and the Short of It

Such is our crazy busy life that even our short messages are viewed as too long. We are immersed in a world of communication laced with abbreviations and emoticons. While ‘U r ok’ messaging is the new graffiti, let’s not delude ourselves that it replaces poetry or that instant messaging is the toll bell of … Continued

Listen to Understand

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” ~Dr. Stephen R. Covey, American educator, author, businessman, keynote speaker Certain skills are required to build a successful career in real estate, such as people skills (the ability to establish rapport and gain the trust and respect of … Continued

Featured Alumnus: Arun Rajalingam

Arun Rajalingam grew weary of sitting in front of a computer all day, so he began to ponder a career change where he could work with people. A friend’s sister suggested real estate. Arun’s first foray into the real estate profession was working with a new homes and condominium marketing company, where he represented many … Continued

Never a Dull Moment

Real estate is so much more than listing and selling existing residential properties, although residential resale is the most popular career path for REALTORS®, especially new graduates. A career in real estate affords many opportunities. In addition to a flexible work schedule and being your own boss, career options abound. Selling options include new homes … Continued

10 Reasons to Call the Instructor Support Line

Assistance is only a phone call away. To help students succeed and enjoy their learning experience, OREA Real Estate College offers several learning tools and resources. Once such resource is the Instructor Support Line. Following are 10 reasons why students should call the Instructor Support Line. We’re here to help. The Instructor Support Line is … Continued

Uncommon Common Sense

“Yesterday I died.” It’s a common feeling among students subjected to communication and teaching styles based on ‘common sense’. “First tell them what you’re going to say. Then, tell them. In the end, tell them what you said, again.” This is sheer nonsense. I doubt this recommended, repetitive rubbish was ever true. It continues to … Continued