You can never be too careful…especially in the real estate industry. Yes, that means you too Hurc! Always make sure your office staff have a record of your appointments and open houses. If you receive a confirmation verbally through a sales rep, either ask them to call the office or you call the office yourself … Continued

5 Work life balance tips for REALTORS®

YPN Committee member and Century 21 First Canadian REALTOR® Raeanne Muir from London, Ontario takes us through 5 tips she uses to help her balance her real estate career and her down time.  

Holiday Gift Giving

Do you think you know what REALTORS® should be doing for their clients during the holiday season?  Watch Meg Lyttle’s video below, you might be surprised at what you hear.  You will also get a better idea of what you should and should not be giving.   

Why Realtors® should Network?

Today’s blog contribution was written by Vishal Kapoor.  Vishal is a Real Estate Sales Representative in Oakville, ON.   Ask any Realtor® where they get most of their business from and the most common answer will be “Most of my business comes by referral”. And where do referrals come from? Referrals come from people they know and people who … Continued


Today’s blog contribution was written by Tanya Evoy.  Tanya is a Real Estate Broker in Carleton Place (Ottawa). It is rare to find someone in the real estate industry who has not experienced a bad day. We come across many different types of stressors and after some hard truths, we can identify that not managing our clients’ expectations … Continued

Volunteering in Organized Real Estate

I was about a year in real estate. Eager to learn, succeed, and be in-the-know. I was embracing my new career with gusto, but I was floundering. There were so many things to sort through. I was being bombarded with coaches and expensive systems. I was struggling to create a one year plan, let alone … Continued