10 Apps to Assist Realtors® with their day-to-day business

Zapier Before we give you all these apps, we need to provide you with the glue for them.  Once you decide to go crazy downloading apps that will help you with your day-to-day activities, it will be much easier to have all of them working tandemly.  Zapier will connect all your apps and automate your … Continued


We would all like to work a little smarter and faster. Here are simple 10 life hacks designed to increase your productivity. 1 – Keep a running list of everything you’re waiting on. Clearing those items out of your head will give you more mental space to focus on other things. 2 – There are a range … Continued

SpeakingPhoto – simplifying the photo slideshow

A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially in the world of real estate. While a thousand words is nothing to sniff at, you save even more verbosity once you combine picture with voice-over. Enter SpeakingPhoto, a voice-recording photo app that’s going from strength to strength. The app allows you to take photos or to … Continued

What kind of REALTOR® superhero are you?

What kind of REALTOR® superhero are you? A fun and interactive quiz developed by the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) asks that question. This online personality quiz with lively, colourful illustrations takes a lighthearted approach to the business of real estate. It aims to engage OREA members in a playful way. It notes that “All … Continued

4 Tech tools you should know about

Snip.ly Snip.ly is a link shortener similar to Bitly. However, it can be used more strategically as it enables you to share articles while driving traffic back to your own site. Every time you share a page using snip.ly the app adds a ‘call to action’ at the bottom of the destination page directing the … Continued

7 Things you should know about Blab

The new livestreaming application, Blab, is stirring up conversation. It’s still in the testing phase but available for a trial run by any interested parties. Those who’ve already tried the app have given it a resounding thumbs up. Here’s what you need to know. 1. Blab is a livestreaming platform. Four participants can chat on … Continued

Agent Caffeine for Real Estate: Emerge! Canada with Natasha Lemire-Blair

  OREA’s own Natasha Lemire-Blair, MBA, CAE, Director of Member Engagement recently sat down with Kelly Mitchell from AGENT CAFFEINE to chat about the OREA EMERGE Conference Series. About Agent Caffeine: Agent Caffeine for the Real Estate Industry. We focus on Tech, Strategy, and Performance. Agent Caffeine goes to the source and get the most powerful strategies tactics and … Continued

5 Ways to unplug and recharge during summer

Being able to carry your office around in a pocket-sized smartphone is both a gift and a curse. The difficulties are amplified when vacation time rolls around; you know you deserve a break, you know you should switch it all off, but the temptation to answer emails, spruce up your blog, or tweet your thoughts … Continued

9 Things you should know about Periscope

Live video streaming is the latest handy, online tool and Twitter’s Periscope app is outstripping the competition by a mile. Here are 9 things you should know about the app. 1. Periscope works through Twitter so you’ll need a Twitter account to join the party. 2. Although Periscope streams live video, the resulting footage is … Continued

5 ways to use video in real estate

Video is like an adrenaline shot when it comes to online content. It ranks higher in search engine results than text or audio and can boost a website’s ranking much quicker than mere SEO. How can you best employ video in your real estate work? Here are five suggestions with video examples.   1. Make … Continued