Using google analytics

When it comes to understanding your website traffic, Google Analytics is the must-have tool. The free web analytics service allows website owners to track a range of metrics and through that data better understand the behaviour of their users. Here are five Google Analytics metric terms you need to be familiar with. Sessions Google Analytics … Continued

7 ways to use Instagram for real estate

A study at the start of this year showed Instagram is the fastest-growing social network. That’s no surprise since the internet loves images and Instagram is all about sharing pictures on mobile devices. The only surprise is that more real estate professionals aren’t on there. Here are 7 ways to make Instagram work for you. … Continued

Ontario Allows Real Estate Documents to Be Signed Electronically

The Government of Ontario announced today that real estate consumers will be permitted to use electronic signatures on real estate agreements of purchase and sale (APS) as of July 1st, 2015. “The agreement of purchase and sale is one of the most important documents in a real estate transaction,” said Patricia Verge, Ottawa-area REALTOR® and … Continued

5 Simple Website Improvements

Your REALTOR® website is your shop window. If it looks dated or haphazard, nobody is going to walk in. And if they do walk in and find chaos, they’re going to dash back out in a hurry. Here are five simple changes you can make to your website that will improve the experience for visitors. … Continued

Attack of the Drones

Everybody wants a drone these days. Farmers want to monitor their land without driving all over kingdom come, news agencies want to cover natural disasters without imperiling journalists, movie directors want that aerial money-shot, and commercial enterprises like Amazon are eager to make a (financial) killing with air delivery. Unmanned aerial vehicles are set to … Continued

Who dominated the smart home at the Consumer Electronic Show?

Las Vegas has wrapped up another successful Consumer Electronic Show. Amidst all the tempting futuristic gadgets on display, the top question for anyone in the property market had to be, who dominated the smart home sector? The main contenders right now are: Apple’s HomeKit, Samsung’s SmartThings and Google’s Nest. Apple unveiled some nifty new devices … Continued

Time to make your stats sing

Sometimes you have to give your clients a slew of statistics but you want to present them in a visual, comprehensible format. There are a range of software and apps available that are designed to jazz up numbers. Here are three recommendations:   Viz If you like to keep things very simple, Viz is the … Continued

Want to be more efficient? There’s an app for that

  Waze The Waze app has been embraced by commuters across the world. And no wonder, it’s a community-driven traffic and navigation application that lets drivers in an area share real-time traffic and road information. Drivers can report traffic jams, accidents, speed traps or even identify the cheapest fuel station along a route. The end … Continued

Phablet Users Are Spoilt For Choice

A host of new phablets have hit store shelves since the start of fall. With exciting new features ranging from curved screens to heart rate monitors, three-day batteries to anti-shake video modules, there’s a lot to appreciate in the latest line up. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 The Samsung Galaxy Note series has a devoted following … Continued

Bigger, Faster, Better?

The iPhone 6 has been released to the joyful delight of millions. The eighth generation device comes in two sizes, big (4.7 inches) and bigger (5.5 inches). The larger model, called the iPhone 6 Plus, ushers Apple into the fast-growing phablet market where it joins devices like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy Note. … Continued