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Celebrating Female Leaders- International Women’s Day

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March 8th marked International Women’s Day. Since it was first celebrated in 1910, women have made significant advances in public life. Women in the Ontario Legislature and organized real estate exemplify these achievements.

Ontario’s 41st parliament boasts the most women elected to the Ontario legislature in our province’s history. Thirty eight out of 107 Members of Provincial Parliament are female, including 2 party leaders, 1 female leadership candidate and 7 female Ministers. Premier Kathleen Wynne is Ontario’s first female premier.

Women have also come a long way in our own industry. In the early 1950s, barely 5% of Ontario REALTORS® were female, by 1964 this number grew to 30%. Today, women make up half of all real estate professionals. This year, OREA has 6 female leaders on our Board of Directors, including a female president, Pat Verge.

In a little over 100 years, women have made remarkable gains in politics, real estate and many other areas of public life.

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