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Changes are coming to WEBForms®

Change is coming

In January 2013, some big changes are coming to WEBForms® with the introduction of version 4.9. All current, active Ontario forms at the provincial, board and/or office level, will be converted from PDF format to HTML5.

What is HTML5? Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), tells the objects (including text) on almost every internet web page, how to display. In the past and even now, plugins such as Acrobat, Flash or Java have extended HTML’s ability, providing a way to increase interactivity and use multimedia. HTML5 integrates these functions. It allows for the direct embedding of media – you’ll no longer need to install plugins to take advantage of these functions. It also has the ability to store offline data for web apps that you may use. It is device independent, meaning it is designed for use on mobile devices as well as your computer. Having said all this, do not delete your current installation of Adobe Reader/Acrobat. Not all websites have employed HTML5. And there are plenty of older documents that may never get converted. HTML5 is in use now, but it continues to be a work in progress. Browsers compatible with HTML5 include Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Now that we know what HTML5 is about, back to WEBForms® version 4.9. With this new version, REALTORS® will be able to create transaction kits, edit forms, templates and clauses in your HTML5-compatible browser. The forms will open directly in your browser, eagerly awaiting your input of information.

Once the new HTML5 forms are available, you’ll be able to copy an “old” Transaction Kit and/or “old” template to act as a starting point when creating a new Transaction Kit or template.

To make a copy of an “old” Transaction Kit:

  1. Select one of your existing Transaction Kits and click the “Make Copy” button.
  2. If the selected Transaction Kit contains forms that have been upgraded to HTML5 (i.e. Contract of Purchase and Sale, CPS Addendum or Multiple Listing Contract), WEBForms® will prompt you with an upgrade dialog similar to the prompt in the image below.
  3. Enter the name of the new Transaction Kit and click the “Make Copy of Transaction Kit” button.
  4. The forms in this newly created Transaction Kit are automatically upgraded to HTML5 format.
  5. Templates are upgraded when they are used to create new Transaction Kits.

As we at OREA hear about further developments on this project, we will do our best to pass them along to you.

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