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A great ad can make you stop and watch. It can leave you thinking or just laughing along.  Either way if people are talking about it you know it’s hit some kind of nerve. The new CREA ad for 2014 has done definitely that. Launched last week to positive reactions across Canada and as far away as England and Australia, we as REALTORS® and as members should be so excited about it.

If you haven’t stumbled upon the ad yet, take a look:


In my opinion this is why the advertisement is so smart:

It comes across as a trailer.  In this day in age of PVR’s, Netflix, social media and Apple TV viewers can easily skip passed an ad without a second thought. I personally subscribe to the Apple TV and Netflix diet to feed my appetite for television, as I like the idea of not being weighed down by meaningless advertisements. The CREA ad is smart. Viewers are immediately hooked and engaged and before they know they are not watching the next Bruce Willis action trailer they are being left laughing at the poor Lewis’.

It has a clear message. Unlike last year’s ad (although I enjoyed it as well) I didn’t feel the viewer truly understood what they were watching. The DIY ad made sense to REALTORS® but the public didn’t seem to truly grasp the message we were telling them; that just because you can Google something doesn’t make you an expert. Since our ads are targeted to consumers, this year’s ad simplifies the message that we as professionals have a great deal of information and knowledge to lend to a transaction and it shows viewers the “loss” someone could face by not using a REALTOR®.

But it’s not just my 30 years of TV watching that allows my amateur advertising expertise to deem this ad a home run. Many industry leaders have posted, tweeted and applauded CREA for a job well done. Companies like Best Ads, Strategy, Ads of the World and Little Black Book have chosen to post the ad for their followers to enjoy and also many REALTORS® on my social media feeds have chosen to share this ad with their friends.

For full disclosure I would have to add that I am a member of the National Ad Campaign Committee (NACC) and have learned a great deal about what makes an effective ad. I am definitely proud to have been a part of this ad (can you tell?) and hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I do.  I truly believe it will have a positive impact on the public and will make them reconsider going the DIY route to sell or buy their next home.


Jennifer Aunger, OREA YPN Committee member & Guest Blogger

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