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College Exams: Conversion Tables and Formulas


You are preparing to write the exam for Real Estate as a Professional Career and are wondering whether you need to memorize the conversion table and other formulas.

The above question was recently posted on the College’s online education forum, accessed through students’ My Portfolio accounts. 

The answer to the question is no, you need not memorize the conversion table or the formulas. The exams are generated through the Automated Exam Administration System (AXIS), so each student receives a unique test containing randomized questions selected from the College’s database. Where required, the student will receive conversion factors, formulas, and samples of standard forms. A student may bring to the exam a calculator that does not save text.

The online education forum is one way the College provides support to students. Students seeking clarification on course content submit queries and answer other students’ queries. The forums are moderated by College curriculum staff to ensure the answers provided are correct.

The College provides other support services and products to ensure students have a positive learning experience.

There is the Multiple Choice Examinations: What you can expect publication, a guide that helps students understand the types of multiple choice questions and the distribution of marks they will see on OREA Real Estate College examinations. This publication is located in the Message Centre of My Portfolio.

There is the Instructor Support Telephone Line. Students with questions or requiring course content assistance can call 1-866-444-5557 and speak directly to an OREA Real Estate College instructor. The line is open Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

There is the ExamTutor© CD, which contains practice exams for the Pre-registration, Articling, and Broker courses.

There is the Passit® study guides, which feature more than 1,000 sample multiple choice questions in study modes and timed exam modes.

Finally, there is the booklet with DVDs entitled A Mentoring Kit for New Salespeople, featuring sections such as business and career planning, professionalism, time management, communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, and prospecting techniques.

For more information about the learning tools, aids, go to http://www.orea.com/OREA-Real-Estate-College/Learning-Tools.


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