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College Instructors: An Overview


No one is perfect. Still, OREA Real Estate College has assembled a core group of instructors who are subject-matter experts who bring a wealth of knowledge and years of experience to the classroom to ensure students receive quality education. We believe this to be a perfect combination.

Our instructors, a total of 90 in 2014, are practising salespeople and brokers, lawyers and appraisers, and property managers and mortgage brokers, and they have more than 2,500 years of combined experience in their respective fields. They have more than 1,500 years of combined experience teaching at the College.

Our instructors are also committed to teaching excellence, as evidenced by the number who have received the REI (Real Estate Instructor) designation. The College awards this designation in recognition of instructor excellence. To attain this designation, instructors must complete a rigorous application process. There are currently 43 instructors with REI designations.

Becoming an Instructor

The process to becoming an instructor is comprehensive. The 10-step process is outlined below.

application process

The College Interview

The interview process, itself, is comprehensive. Interviewees are given a series of real-world scenarios and are asked how they would deal with each. Example of scenarios include:

  • the use of cellphones
  • late arrivals
  • persistent questioning about the content of the examination
  • individuals who have difficulty comprehending a topic (where English may not be the first language) and ask repeatedly for explanations
  • groups of friends whose conduct preclude the instructor from completing a lesson
  • students who consistently challenge the accuracy/validity of topics taught
  • individuals who attempt to recruit on behalf of their broker
  • student who attempts to monopolize discussions
What Our Instructors Teach

The table below is the breakdown of instructors in each course of the Salesperson Registration Education Program and the Broker Registration Education Program. Some instructors are qualified to teach more than one course.

Course Number of Instructors
1. Real Estate as a Professional Career 58
2. Land, Structures and Real Estate Trading 84
3. The Real Estate Transaction – General 84
4. The Residential Real Estate Transaction 84
5. The Commercial Real Estate Transaction 26
6. Real Property Law 13
7. Principles of Appraisal 11
8. Principles of Mortgage Financing 7
9. Principles of Property Management 5
10. Real Estate Investment Analysis 5
11. Real Estate Broker Course 9
Who Are Our Instructors

Stay tuned. We will feature an instructor from OREA Real Estate College in upcoming posts.


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