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Committed to Customer Service

It’s been nearly five years since OREA Real Estate College launched the Customer Satisfaction Tracking Study to gauge the effectiveness of services being provided by the College’s Customer Service Centre. The results, shown below, confirm that our customer service representatives (CSRs) have been consistently committed to providing service excellence.

In 2009, 90 per cent of respondents interviewed by a third-party research organization said they were satisfied with the College’s customer service. The number remained at 93 per cent for 2010, 2011, and 2012.Since customer service is the first point of contact for members, students, and potential students, the College endeavours to ensure the Centre’s satisfaction rating remains high. As such, CSRs receive ongoing training and coaching.

Research Objectives

The research objectives of these studies are to determine:

  • the perceived level of courtesy and helpfulness
  • the perceived level of professionalism
  • overall levels of satisfaction

The ultimate objective is to ensure that every interaction with a CSR is positive.

Current Results

The results that follow reflect the perceptions of a randomly selected set of callers to the College between October and December 2012.  The overall margin of error for this period is +/- 5 percentage points at the 95 per cent  confidence level. The percentage represents the total number of respondents who agree with the statement.

Overall experience with the Customer Service Department based on three attributes:

Committed to service excellence – 89%

Easy to access – 87%

Available during convenient hours – 83%

Overall experience with a CSR:

Easy to understand – 95%

Courteous – 93%

Thorough in verifying identity – 93%

Willing to assist – 93%

Able to resolve issues or answer questions – 92%

Careful in listening – 92%

Knowledgeable – 92%

Responsive – 92%

Professional – 91%

Friendly – 87%

Overall satisfaction with the Customer Service Department:

Satisfied – 95%

Dissatisfied – 3%

Neutral – 2%

Kudos to our CSRs for their continued excellent work and commitment to customer services!


The College is always looking to improve its customer service. Please let us know how we can assist you.

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