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Is a bachelor’s degree worthless? This million-dollar question has been lobbed in the media by education pundits, some of whom have proclaimed it is not, but the answer is not a simple yes or no.

Education, of any kind (whether formal, non-formal, or informal) is not a waste of time but it is also not a guaranteed route to gainful employment. Specialized courses may be necessary for this endeavour; courses such as real estate.

Following are three reasons why you should consider a career in real estate:

1.  Variety and flexibility

A typical day is non-existent in real estate. REALTORS® do perform ‘typical’ tasks, such as prospecting for clients, listing and showing properties, and writing offers. But, these tasks are performed for a variety of clients seeking to buy and/or sell a variety of properties. As a Realtor, you will meet and interact with a variety of people with different wants and needs. In residential real estate, client interaction is not a nine-to-five undertaking.

2.  Career options

Real estate offers many career options so you can match your career in real estate with your personal preferences, interests, individuality, and income expectations.

Selling options include residential resale, new home sales, condo sales, rural and agricultural sales, recreational sales, and commercial sales and leasing. Non-selling options include property management, property appraisal, mortgage financing. Most non-selling options will require additional education.

3.  Be your own boss

As a Realtor, you will be responsible for creating and building your client base. You will need to prospect for and maintain clients. If you are self-motivated, disciplined, and able to work independently, then real estate would be an excellent career option.

For more information about a real estate career, download our student handbook – http://bit.ly/1V9bxuW.


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