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Agent Reboot – Content is King

Good simple content will get you to the top of the search engine.  This is crucial especially in Toronto where you get about 50 million returns when you google “Toronto Real Estate”.

Tips about content and blogging from Richard Silver:

  • What are your clients thinking about?  Blog about what is topical for your clients.
  • Be the source of the source.
  • Be consistent and disciplined & blog 1-3 times a week with 300 words or less.
  • Create a plan and Schedule.
  • Learn to love WordPress.
  • You do not have to be a writer.  You are full of content – when questions get asked, blog about it.
  • Get RSS Feeds and Google Alerts to find out what is happening in your neighborhood.
  • Get the message out that you have a blog.
  • Blog about Board and Association news.
  • Be Simple and succinct (secret sauce).
  • Blog in your voice: be transparent, original and approachable.

Thank you Richard Silver, President of the Toronto Real Estate Board and Sales Representative at Bosley Real Estate Ltd. for your tips on content and blogging.

What Richard Silver does: his blog and website are his hub and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube are his spokes to spread his content.  See the image below:

Richard Silver's Hub & Spoke

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