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Continuing education is dead. A moment of silence, please.


If you believe that, then the increasingly competitive marketplace is going to feast on you. If you relied on mandatory credits to push you into the knowledge economy of the 21st century, then your productivity and effectiveness as a professional are going to tank. You can’t survive with just the “essentials.”  You need job-related continuing education to improve your work, your quality of life, your expertise, and your wealth.

Continuing education is central to your well-being. For real estate registrants, the mandatory component of continuing education is now minute. Coercion, however, should never have been a factor in your drive toward personal success. You should always have been your own quality assurance manager and handler.

There is an explosion of courses, programs, institutes, colleges, consultants, and trainers engaged in continuing education presented in a variety of formats. Continuing education, critical to your success, has reached the level of customization. It is self-directed and responsive to your needs, as it should be.  Every person, to quote Adam Smith, should be “left perfectly free to pursue his own interest in his own way.”

In this way, freedom and learning are maximized. After all, reluctant learners are not ideal students. The argument that all, most, or some people just don’t know what education is good for them is vacuous. Reaching the level of a profession, individuals understand the benefits of continuing education for themselves and their community.

Of course, if you really want to learn, perhaps you should consider teaching. There is no better evidence of learning in spite of the irresponsible wisecrack of George Bernard Shaw.

On the other hand, if you do something well, continue doing it. If you want to understand it better, then consider teaching it.


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