Crazy Busy

Young businesswoman with tons of documents

“I’m Crazy Busy”

Have you heard a real estate board president say that lately?

Unfortunately, it is an all too common refrain, especially now as most presidents are about to complete their first trimester.

AGM’s, board meetings, director orientation, strategic planning, OREA and CREA conferences – Wow, their schedule would make our Prime Minister look like a punter.

After working with REALTOR® volunteer leaders for 30 years, I have been fortunate to observe some Do’s and Don’ts from the best:

  • Do create a balance – family/friends, business, volunteering – and in that order. None should suffer because of the other, especially your business.
  • Trust and rely on your EO because they’ve done and seen it all. Do let him or her run the operation.  You should focus on the boards long-term objectives, delegate to your fellow directors or face getting burnt out. One of your main jobs is to develop other leaders so give them a chance to shine.
  • Do say No! You don’t have to attend every meeting or event. Ask yourself “how will this opportunity advance the goals of our board?”
  • Don’t let it go to your head and think you have to have all the answers. When you stop asking questions or opinions from others you’ve lost the ability to be objective
  • Don’t be in a hurry to accomplish everything in your term – most of the worthwhile things take the longest time (MLS® has evolved over 60 years; REALTOR.ca over 25 years).
  • Don’t forget to savour the moment and smell the roses. I’ve heard it a hundred times, usually in November of each year “where did the time go; my year is almost done”?
  • Don’t let the naysayers get you down or monopolize your time (some may even be one of your directors). Get the opinions of others and rely on facts, not rumours

Is it hard to be a president? You’re darn right! The time demands can be overwhelming – if you let it.  Take a moment to review the comments above and starting April 1st, try and adopt some of these strategies so that by November of this year you will say: “That was one hell of a great year I had as president”

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